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A/C Installation

Experts in Ducted and Split System Installation

We provide a professional and responsible air conditioner installation service throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. 

Did you know that improperly installed air conditioners not only reduces the system's lifespan but also can damage your house?

We only use quality parts in our work

The sound system itself is essential, but parts that help it work are also important.
Installing an air conditioner with cheaply made parts can result in electrical hazards in and around your house, increasing ongoing maintenance costs and reducing your unit’s efficiency and lifespan.

A team you can trust

All qualified technicians work in different ways with different methods, and not all do a good job. Our team cares about you, your family and your property, so we take an extra step to protect our clients and their property.

What we offer

Free Quote on installation.
Supply and installation start at $1300.00.
Five years of workmanship warranty.
Apply a protective coat on the outdoor unit to 

minimise rust and moisture damage.

Apply a protective coat on the drain system to prevent blockages.

Frequently asked Questions

Room size, insulation, location and orientation are the significant factors to consider when choosing the right air conditioner size. However, the standard air conditioner size of a room in South East Queensland is below.

Room Size Example Approx. AC size
Small (up to 25m2) Bedrooms, studys, small offices 2.5kW
Medium (25 – 35m2) Bedrooms, small lounges, Mid-size kitchens 3.5kW
Large (35 – 60m2) Large bedrooms, bedrooms with ensuits, offices 5 – 6Kw
Extra large ( 60 – 80m2) Large lounges, large open plan areas, small shops, offices 7 – kW
We recommend seeking expert advice from your local technician before making your final decision. Our knowledgeable technician can help you find the right size for your needs.

A back–to–back setup is the most economical option when installing an air conditioner.

It is commonly used for wall-mounted split system air conditioners.

The indoor unit is mounted backing onto an exterior wall, and the outdoor unit is directly behind.

Both indoor and outdoor units are positioned back-to-back, as the expression suggests.

The manufacturer’s warranty depends on their warranty guidelines.
Many famous manufacturers like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu and Samsung have five years parts and labour warranty.
Swind also has our workmanship warranty of 5 years when the air conditioners are serviced by Swind annually.

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